How To Sell Anything In Two Simple Steps

How To Sell Anything In Two Simple Steps

Selling online can be a headache, as agonizing as the deepest part of hell. It can be mind-boggling and frustrating.

Most times the reasons for your sales drought can be hard to guess cos apparently, you did all your homework right.  Isn’t it?

You just got this flash-class product with all the perfect blinks and features which is supposed to grab the market by the jugular and blast out a buying frenzy.

You bet your life on it.  This is the damn selling philosopher’s stone that should breeze in barrels of cash for you.

But then, two weeks later you are yet to sell a breeze.

What the ‘fog’

Check your ad performance, it’s zilch man.

And what about your ad budget?

You have been washing good goddamn hard smackers down the drain.

Things can get as bad as this…

And that’s a bad zone to be in,  in your business.

Now,  what if the bad patch is cos of the two most underrated things everybody neglects in business.  

Them little imps pulling the plug right under you,  leaving you stinking off the stench of the no-sales cesspool.

It’s time to get you washed up clean again.

Find out these two Smeagols,  hiding your sales magic ring.the two most underrated things that making selling a hell for you

The truth is,  you know these two things.

But the problem is, you probably let them take care of themselves…

Like toddlers permitted to serve themselves up.  You know how it ends up, more laundry work, messed up dining table and more dishes to take care of.mess up selling

Now! When you understand how to tame these two Pegasus…

Then you will start flying in selling and sweeping in money like dirt.

You will burn the smug-selling bridge and fly over it.flying sales

You will start pulling in eye-twitching cash money that you feel your eyes are failing you.

You don’t need glasses, you just need some good chilled beer to water your victory (that’s for me though), you got to find your own priorities.

Now! Stop right there…

Don’t start tasting the victory until am done showing you how.

Okay, let’s dig right into the meat of this.

Are you ready?

Let’s go…

  1. How much do you know them?

    know your customer

You see, the number one most common assumption we make in selling is the freedom to assume that people will need what we are selling. Which is not true.

Because the product or the concept seems so wonderful to us,  we think everyone will feel the same way too.

We ride on this false-happiness until the truth hits us harder than an 800-pound Spanish bull coming at 45mph, goring us back into the harsh reality.

And the annoying part is that we realize this after our cash is already tied up to a snail-selling “beautiful” product.

Look at this…

Blood banks and blood packs are great concepts and great products., designed to saves lives of victims of blood shortage, giving people a second shot at life and bringing joy to affected love ones….

Oh yes, blood packs and banks are awesome…

But what does it mean to the more than 8.5 million Jehovah Witness people on the surface of the earth?

Nothing! You heard me right. It means nothing to them because they don’t accept blood transfusions. It’s against their beliefs.

So how much do you know them? Your customers?

Here is the nugget, never assume your product or service is good for everyone.

When you know this…

You are one step closer to pulling money right out of the clear blue sky in your sales.

So how do you do this?

Enter Customer Avatar

First, you have to create a customer profile also known as customer avatar.

Learn how to create powerful avatars to triple your sales.

This is where you list the attributes of your ideal customer, give him/her a name, a location, educational background, values and etc.customer avatar

The avatar may be fictional but the attributes are drawn from people who would need your products or services.

The next thing is to find where he hangs out, it can be on social media, forums, groups.

Then you listen to them and ask questions to understand their buying motivations,  their pains, and fears and what makes them tick.

This will help you to become an insider who can relate to them and when you write your selling message, you will be using their own phrases and their own expressions.

This makes your product easily acceptable because it is coming from someone who has apparently been there too.

  1. How does your selling message sound to you?

If it doesn’t convince you to buy it yourself, there’s no way it can convince someone else.

The great copywriter Ogilvy said that after crafting out your “great” copy, you should sit your ass down in a quiet room and read it out loud to yourself…

If it sounds so good to your ear and compelling enough to make you whip out your credit card to buy from yourself, then you are ready to make another person buy what you are selling…

So how do you craft out the kind of message that can hold you to ransom with your own product?

Here is the key… You write to compel and not to convince.

How?  And why?

Emotions Over Logic

Because through consumer psychology, it has been established that we buy out of emotions and not through logic. Logic is only used to justify our emotions for buying.

What this means is that you must inject emotions into the message.

Rather than telling me how this car has 20 valve engine and a horsepower of 680 hp, tell me that this car can make me be like Lewis Hamilton when am on the wheels.selling a fast car

You see, it’s no more about the speed capacity of this car, it’s about who I become when am on the wheels, cruising in this car. This will work wonders for a formula1 enthusiast and someone who likes speeding in cars. 

This is the same reason, celebrity endorsements are used by top companies in their ad commercials.

In your copy, you should become a Hollywood movie director creating mental movies with graphical words, where your customer is the hero, only with your product.

And you will see him wanting to become it.

Tell Stories

You can never underestimate the power of stories.

Tell stories about your products. selling using stories

Copywriting lord, Claude Hopkins is famous for his storytelling which he used to turn around the fortunes of Schlitz beer.

The company was on the verge of going bankrupt in 1919 when they were hit by the no-sales glut before they hired Hopkins. Through enchanting storytelling, Hopkins was able to tell the wonders of Schlitz beer, detailing the wonderful and often rigorous processes involved in the making of the special beer Schlitz.

Joined with a great irresistible offer, Hopkin was able to use storytelling to shoot the fortunes of Schlitz from a mediocre brand to a national leader contender.

Do it also in your sales message.  Tell your unique brand story(UBS). Show your customers what they stand to gain, their unique buying advantage (UBA).

It will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Now you can go ahead, apply this tactic to start kicking some selling asses.

Have you learned something?

Tell us about it.  Use the comment box.


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