How To Create A Customer Avatar That Will Triple Your Marketing Profits

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How To Create A Customer Avatar That Will Triple Your Marketing Profits

“All you need is a customer avatar.” Ed interrupted.

“With it, you can be able to eliminate the cheapskates from your sales funnel and be able to suck in the right kind of audience that is ready to cash in on your product.”  

He concluded after a long arduous hour of listening to a new coaching client, Loria, lament how she can’t seem to get it right in selling her high ticket products.

Bemused. She queried…

“But what is a customer avatar and how can it be the magic wand that I need to turn things around right now?” 

Don’t worry Loria and if you are like her, don’t worry too…

Because this article covers everything you need to know about customer avatar…

And how you can create one today to and start winning more sales.

Let’s serenade it…

What Is A Customer Avatar

Well, it’s like the resume of your prospect.

In the corporate world, your resume sells you to an employer. 

In marketing, the employer uses the customer to sell to you.

A customer is the perfect representation of the ideal customer for a product or service.

Clear, is it?

Well, here’s a definition…

A customer avatar which is also known as buyer persona or customer persona is a fictional person that fits the perfect resemblance of your target audience. He shares all the attributes of your ideal customers.

When you have the perfect avatar, you will understand your customers better and connect them with your products or services.

How To Create A Customer Avatar

Start With A Name

Yeah, Just as your favourite movie characters have names… your avatar needs a name too…

Not just any name, a real human name, unless you want to sell to aliens then you might give it an alien name.

By giving your avatar a name, you make it human.  It comes to life and becomes relatable.

Names go with faces so your avatar needs to have a face.

Uses images that reflect your avatar’s personality.

You can source for royalty free stock images at for your customer avatar.

What’s The Demographics…?

That is to say, which segment of the population do they belong to…

What’s their gender? Are they females or males or both?

Which age range do they belong to and what’s their average income?

What’s their marital status?  Married, single, divorced or single parent?

Employment status? Are your target customers working or not?

Location( if it is important to your business)? 

If your business is a brick and mortar one… you’d have to consider your business location in relation to your target market… So your avatar must be someone living close to your business.

This is just a highlight of the questions you’d have to answer in order to create a result bringing customer avatar.

There’s a question whirling about in your head right now…

Isn’t this a huge load of information?

How do I get all this information to create the frigging hallowed customer avatar?

Hey! Don’t give the heck up right now…

I will show you how you can plant some bugs around to capture the info you need.

But, we aren’t done with the ingredients you need, to whip up your ass-kicking customer avatar…

So don’t loosen the seat belt just yet…

Let’s ride!

customer avatar, mr rango,

Psycho… What?

Okay, It’s psychographics. Am helpless too, but not to worry, this is rather a nerdy way of saying behavioural attributes.

This means you need to understand the behavior of your prospects let them reflect in your customer avatar.

You need to understand…

  • What motivates them?
  • What their pains are?
  • What their passions are? 
  • What their values are?
  • What their fears are? 
  • What their interests are?

When you know all these things… it becomes easier to design your marketing message to focus like a laser beam on these attributes of your customers and deliver your values.

Wow! We are close to getting everything all together…

So let’s push on with this one…

What’s Your Expectation?

Oh yeah! I know it…

You want to get this customer avatar right up your sleeves so that you can whip it right into marketing and start pulling whacking figures off your sales. Isn’t it?

But as you have your expectations, so do your customers.

So in writing your customer avatar, you have to outline what the expectations of your customers are ….when they make their buying decisions and choose your product.

When you know this, you will be able to scythe through their resistance and answer the anticipated objections to your marketing message.

Wheeww! Almost!

So how do you answer all these questions?

Two ways!

It depends on where you already are with your business…

Do you have customers already?

If yes, then start from there.

Listen to the complaints of your customers. Leverage your social media handles to ask questions and gain better insights about your audience.

Create a survey. Google form can help you do that.

Distribute it to your email lists and facebook group through your chatbots.

Be honest with your lists and tell them the truth about what you are doing.

Sincerity builds trust.

If it’s possible, involve incentives and inexpensive but enticing freebies to make it easier to get people to fill out your survey.

What if you are still as green as lettuce behind the ears? How do you do it?

This is what you should do!

Start listening…

Join forums, social media groups, search the net and join the groups and forums your target audience hang out.

Search for topics that relate to your business.

Find out the questions your prospects ask.

Go to Quora, search for topics relating to what you do and follow the conversations.

Through these strategies, you will learn more about your market and target customers and… how to position your product or service as the solution that your prospects really want.

Ouch! Here’s a baby we nearly threw away

With your palms filled up with data, what do you do?

You bring all the information you have and then create a story about your customer avatar…

You tell who she is, what she does, what her dreams are and… what the obstacles to realising her potentials are.

You tell how she is trying to break through her obstacles and the challenges she has faced as well as where she is currently…and what she believes would make her challenges and pains disappear.


When you arm yourself with a great customer avatar, your marketing lines start falling perfectly in the right places.

You become more effective, efficient and unburdened in your marketing…


    • You know where to find your customers
    • You understand your them better
    • You can now craft out better targeted  sizzling sales copies that get their hairs rising on their ends in excitement
    • You are better at using you advertisement budget effectively
    • And your business is more profitable because you know what your market wants and you deliver it.

Do you see yourself achieving all these above?

Aye, I think so too. That was the sole motivation for this post and  I believe you will become better in your marketing now.

So what’s next?

You know what’s next…

Get behind your keyboard and start creating your profits tripling customer avatar now.


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