It will be redundant to tell you that content is the lifewire of any online business… because you already know.

If you want to…

  1. Position your business in front of your market. 
  2. Generate more leads. 
  3. Make more sales. 
  4. Raise more eyebrows. 
  5. Grab attention. 
  6. Become an authority.  
  7. And build your brand…

You need content.

But you don’t just need any fly by night, run-of-the-mill content.

What you need is someone who understands your industry and what is required to push you above the red ocean of competition…  using mind optimized conversion copywriting.

I’m an enthusiastic content/copywriter who understands the raucously dog eat dog bizophere… 

I’m blessed with an uncanny understanding of the psychology of persuasion and conversion optimization…

And I unleash them in creating converting copies for you. 

I will help you take your business to the next level with any of the services offered below.

Sales Copy

Grab attention. Hold it. Expose benefits. Punch in offer. And pump up sales. That’s what a sales copy should do… but

Are your sales copies doing all these things?

Are you selling as much as you need…?

Or are you burning your ad budget faster than a California wildfire?

Change the narrative. Hire me today.

Web Copy

A website without copies is like a cemetery. Lonely.

A lonely website is a failed website.

Hire me to help you create content that holds a megaphone to the irresistible values you bring


Too busy to craft out that authority bellowing article?

Don’t worry… I will take the sweats off you.

As a busy CEO or CMO, you have a lot of things whirling through your close to 100 billion brain cells each day…

And then some articles too. Ouch! 

Let me save you the inconvenience.

Use my time and experience.

As a pro freelance writer, I’ll give you the best of work. That would walk your talk.

I will research and inject current industry trends in your articles.

And you have the full right to and ownership of every content.


Content Strategy

Innovate or die…

Not a new term, it’s nature. Even though Darwin said it first.

With over 172 million active websites on the internet (According to Netcraft Survey, 2018), your business is competing with a behemoth for the same eyeballs.

With a perfect content marketing strategy, you will set yourself apart as the leader of the pack and grab more eyeballs.

Here’s what the stats say…

Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3x more leads.

Content marketing has 6x the power of traditional marketing for conversions. (Content Marketing Institute)

If you want to get more with less. And trump up your marketing ROI, content marketing is your best bet and…

I will be so elated to help you with your content strategy.

Blog Posts

Businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than businesses that do not blog.

After reading recommendations on blogs…61% of Americans made purchases.

In fact, every business that wants to be profitable must blog.

If you are not blogging, you are losing money and it needs to stop.

Hire me to help shoot your marketing ROI  to the stratosphere using engaging and raving blog articles.

Email Newsletters

Are you leaving money on the table? For your competitors?

It costs 6x more to get a new customer than to keep an acquired one.

Email is the most profitable of all marketing channels. 

A study by Monetate, that analyzed over 500 million shopping experiences, found that email beats both search and social media combined when it comes to conversions.

Another study by the Direct Marketing Association found that you can expect a ROI of at least $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Email marketing helps you to nurture intimate business relationships and  trust, that is unrivalled anywhere in marketing.

If you want to take your email marketing to the next level. Shoot me a message below.

Yours sincerely is here to craft your magnetic relationship building email newsletters.

Landing Page Copy

Anybody can write but not everybody can write persuasively enough to get you to buy.

A landing page copy that does not convert is a crashing page. 

I will create mind optimized, emotion stoking copies that will make your landing page as alluring as a log fire to a freezing Greenlander.

Hire me to stump up your landing page conversions.

Ebooks/Ecourses/ Case Studies/ Whitepapers

Lead magnets are the rave of the internet marketing sphere.

They are not just tools for building your email list. They lay your marker as an expert and authority in your industry.

Ebooks. Ecourse. Case Studies. And Whitepapers, are the medium you use to grab eyeballs in your industry and gain industry recognition as an expert.

I will help you create pro Ecourses, Ebooks, Case Studies and Whitepapers that talk the walk of your industry.

Which of the services do you want us to start with?

Take charge of the contact box below and shoot me a message now.

Or use this dominic@buzz-copywriting. You won’t be kept… waiting.

Shoot me a message now!

Waiting for you…

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