Hi, I'm Verse Minic

I’m Dominic Igwebuike (Verse). A young Nigerian  quick-fire marketing content and copy writer.

I started buzz-copywriting to help small and medium businesses…

  1. Grab more eyeballs
  2. Get more business
  3. Generate more leads
  4. Shoot up sales
  5. Build followership and keep them coming back for more like Oliver Twist.

All these are achieved using conversion-optimized, neuromarketing-backed, no-fluff, bullshit-proof, content and copies. 

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Consumers are smarter now than ever before. Thanks to the internet, making access to information, just a flip away. 

BrightLocal reported that 91% of consumers now read online reviews before making purchases.

As consumers become more and more educated with all these information, just finger tips away…

It becomes imperative that you embrace content marketing.

Educate your customers today!

Or someone else will do it for you and snatch your customers right out of your palms.

At Buzz-copywriting, we believe in the power of content. We add some engaging zazzle and sizzle to it.

We preach these and more in our blog

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About Me

 I have a writing style you’ll love and I love writing.

I have a keen insight of persuasion and human psychology. Thanks to 1000s of hours burned in studies. Still burning more.

I cut my marketing and selling coat for 18 months, selling branded liquor all over the Niger Delta of Nigeria (Personal seller). That was after I ditched my QC job (routine stuffs bore me to death) and Biochemistry (what I read in College) to pursue this passion.

I bring this passion and diverse background to inject some pizzazz in your marketing.

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